Craig Moreau: The New Hampshire Country Artist on Rediscovering his Musical Passion

Craig Moreau

In the southeast New Hampshire town of Derry, Craig Moreau is constantly deep in thought, always working on one of his many projects. Whether he is writing music for his new album, recording a new episode of his podcast, or spending time with his wife and kids, Moreau is trying to spread positivity and inspiration to as many people as he can. “I just want people to feel connected and inspire,” Moreau says. “I want my work to uplift people or be their crutch to get them through hard times.”

Born in Massachusetts, Craig Moreau’s family relocated to southeastern New Hampshire while he was still a young child. Growing up, Moreau was introduced to artists like Garth Brooks, George Jones, and REO Speedwagon. At an early age, he grew a deep affection for the music that surrounded him. After graduating from his local high school, though, Moreau’s life began to spiral out of control. “I turned to drugs and alcohol for my solution to everything, and I eventually wound up in the revolving door of jails, institutions, and prison,” Moreau recalls. During the time he spent in prison, Craig rediscovered his spiritual connection with music. It was then that he was invigorated to turn his life around. “I’m a firm believer that life happens for you, not to you,” says Moreau. “There was a reason behind everything that happened in my life. Now I use those experiences to help others overcome their trials and tribulations.”

Working as an independent artist, Moreau has released two albums since 2018, and he is currently in the middle of writing and recording his first original album. Moreau says that, when it comes to writing his music, there is nothing he is afraid to address. He is simply trying to inspire others through what he has learned from his trials and tribulations. “It’s healing on both sides of the fence — for the writer and the listener.”

Stay connected with Moreau through his Instagram and listen on Spotify here.




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