Kendall Williams- Trap Gopsel

Hip hop Artist Kendall Williams made his return with his new single “Trap Gopsel”. We got the chance to ask him about it. Check out what he had to say about the song below:

“My best friend Jared Driskell is now facing a life sentence for possession of two kilos of meth and this really hurt me dearly. We grew up together and were very close. The first time we decided to smoke weed we did it together. It used to be fun and games dealing with drugs but now it‘s not fun anymore. There is so much pain that comes from a lifestyle in the streets. Trap Gospel is a song about my life. At one time in my life I was hooked on drugs and selling them to provide for my family. I wrote this song because I know millions of people around the world are living this way. Some may feel that it’s harmless and others may feel trapped and see no way out. I wrote this song to encourage those that are in the trap hustling and suffering with addictions. Weather it’s addictions to drugs, money or fame it’s all the same and can lead to a life full of hurt and depression. I was once hooked on all these things until I found God and He was the only one that could help me quit and now I’m living a more blessed life with real happiness and peace. This song is special because it’s real and the events I talk about in it changed my life. I hope that this song blesses someone in this world that needs to hear it.”

-Kendall Williams

The song, lasting just over 3 minutes, features a piano based instrumental layered with samples, snappy snares, and low bass patterns. Kendall’s hard trap vocals over the melodic beat creates an enjoyable vibe.

Listen to the new track here:



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