Meet Hip Hop Artist Tuesday Knight

Shane Jackson aka Tuesday Knight

Shane Jackson, better known as Tuesday Knight, is an artist that has just come on to the scene recently. Currently in Atlanta, the creative has been making waves with his unique style and flow.

While many artists are in the game to make cash and run off with a bag, Tuesday Knight is in it for the music. His kind is a dying breed. In a recent interview with The Hype Magazine he said, “I have always had a love for music since I was a kid. My motivation is less about entertainment and more for the enjoyment of creating music. The industry is just a necessary evil to navigate to get the music out there.” That is the kind of attitude that has allowed Tuesday Knight to start gaining traction effortlessly.

Unlike many artists that we hear today, taking a closer look at Tuesday Knight’s music made me appreciate his grind even more. The music is actually good. There is no front. It’s just plain and simple good music.

No where is this more evident then on his most recent project “FYS”.

Tuesday Knight’s Cover Art For “FYS”

The FYS acronym stands for “For Your Soul” but also hints to the “Front Yard Series” which is a live perfomance video series Tuesday Knight dropped to compliment the album.

“For Your Soul” features classic hip hop beats and well thought out bar for bar verses. The album is at times grungy and “hard” but quickly turns the corner to melodic within the change of one track. Tracks like “Back Rhodes” play tribute to classic hip hop tracks featuring live instrumentation and smooth drums patterns. Then to compliment to style, songs like “Hot Hot” feature catchy choruses and beats that are more modern. Both styles suite Tuesday Knight well, as they compliment each other by melding into one unique sound.

Tuesday Knight

What Tuesday Knight is doing is refreshing to say the least. He’s in it because he loves the music he’s making and wants others to as well. Something that has been lost among the current era of music which is all about diamond wrist watches and gold chains rather than beautiful instrumentals and raw talent. Tuesday Knight is focused on his craft and has a very bright future ahead of him.

Check out “FYS” and Tuesday Knight’s other music below:

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