Overcoming Challenges and Adversity Within Un!dentified

Being in the music industry is tough. It’s a hard place to navigate with no surefire ways to succeed outside of your own ideas and attempts. For rap trio Un!dentified, rising through all challenges to get where they are now has been a tough climb, to say the least. But, through dedication and never losing sight of their goals as a group, they’re still a successful group today.

Life itself comes with its own challenges, and the trio is no stranger to that. However, being musicians comes with its own added challenges as well. The group agrees that one of the toughest things is trying not to care what others think. While they put their heart and soul into their songs, it’s tough to hear what everyone thinks about the work you created. Putting your own music out is always a risk and always will leave it up for others to interpret. With the group being able to have the catalog of music that they have, it is a challenge they still face but have fought to overcome. Within music, you are always exposed to every idea you publicize. Putting out strong music as they have has brought great payoffs, but it definitely didn’t come without challenges.

Through promotion and self-marketing, pushing their name out into the world has also been a tough challenge for Un!dentified. Being an independent group, they are their own marketing and every achievement they’ve gotten has been through their work. It is something that is extremely important, and their dedication should not go unnoticed.

Be sure to check out their hard work on Spotify here and their official website here

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